About Us

Hello, thank you for visiting our website.  My name is Megan and I co-designed the Wall Nanny® with my husband, Tate. This idea came to us because we had a need and nothing solved the problem...thus, we now have the Wall Nanny®!

I love my son, but keeping him contained with gates has been a true challenge! The pressure mounted baby gates I had been using, not only tore up my wall and baseboards, but toys kept getting stuck under them, all the while every time my son pushed on them they would slip, slide and sometimes even fall down! I went online to try to find something to prevent these issues, only to become more discouraged. The current products available were simply too bulky, and not flush with floor, leaving the ever-present gap between floor and gate.  With a little creativity and “tweaking,” The Wall Nanny® was born!  No more unsightly dings and gouges (less wall repair) in my walls and a lot more increased stability for the gate...and more importantly, happy baby and Momma!

These baby gate wall protectors were re-designed specifically based on our customers’ feedback. It works on the top and bottom spindles of almost any pressure mounted baby gate and due to its compact size it can be installed vertically or horizontally - while ensuring that your walls and baseboards are safe from scratches gouges and dings. Why the Wall Nanny? It sits flush against the floor which eliminates the gap between the gate and the floor and thus preventing any safety hazards for your baby or pet. And thanks to it being significantly smaller than any other similar product in the market, it goes almost unnoticeable and doesn’t ruin your house’s décor and aesthetics! Ideal Wall Protecting Solution: We want to be the best and highest quality set of wall protectors available -that's why we choose to manufacture all Wall Nanny's in the USA - hence creating jobs for Americans now and in the future! We have great faith in our indoor baby gate wall protector set! That’s why we offer you a full refund in the unlikely event that our product doesn’t rise up to your standards - because your satisfaction is paramount to us! The Wall Nanny® is patented. 

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